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Long Point Lighthouse

Located 331 feet above sea level atop a cliff named Devil's Cove Head.
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Long Point Lighthouse is located 331 feet above sea level atop a cliff named Devil's Cove Head in Twillingate. Situated in Iceberg Alley, the view is a front row seat to whales and icebergs.

Every spring and summer thousands of icebergs travel these waters before melting in warmers waters south of Newfoundland.

Built of stone in 1876 and a range of 22 nautical miles.

It is considered to be that portion of the Labrador Current, that flows southward from Flemish Pass, along the eastern edge of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, to the Tail of the Banks.

Icebergs and sea ice flowing south from Iceberg Alley created the Titanic disaster of 1912.

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