Prime Berth Fishery & Heritage Centre

“Prime Berth” refers to the best fishing ground spot allotted each season to the fishermen by simply drawing lots.

The Prime Berth was a winner of the 2004 Provincial Cultural Heritage Tourism Award.

The owner David Boyd’s own father was a fisherman for 40 years. So he is well suited to explaining our way of life with great detail as well as great experience.

The Prime Berth Museum gives us a glimpse of Newfoundland & Labrador’s past through its restored fishing premises.

Interpreters guide you through the fishing museum interpreting Newfoundland’s traditional inshore fishery as you go.

Demonstrations of cod splitting and salting occur daily.

P.O. Box 133
Twillingate, NL
Canada, A0G 4M0
709- 884-2485 /fax: 709- 884-5226