St. Peter’s Anglican Church Museum

St. Peter’s Anglican Church stands as a grand heritage structure in Twillingate as well as one of the oldest wooden churches in Newfoundland. The cornerstone for St. Peter’s was laid on November 6, 1839.

The church’s bell was purchased by the people of all religious denominations as a thanksgiving for the great seal harvest of 1862. The bell bears the inscription, “In memory of the Great Haul, 1862”.

A beautiful stained glass window exists in the church near the front with the inscription of “To the Glory of God and in memory of William Harnett,

Principal of St. Peter’s High School, and Lay Reader at St. Peter’s Church, 1915 – 1945. Installed in 1976 by ex-pupils and friends”.

This dedication of the stained glass window was held on August 1, 1976 in dedication to a well remembered principal of St. Peter’s School – William Harnett.

St. Peter’s Church has strong connections with St. James Anglican Church in Poole, Dorset – ( A county of south-west England where many of Twillingate’s ancestral ties originated.) and was actually built in it’s image.

The above photo shows St. Peter’s on the left and St. Jame’s on the right. It isn’t difficult to see the resemblance between the two churches.

Poole was the home of many Newfoundland merchants and in particular John Slade.

Slade contributed timbers to the building of St. James Church and acquired from the old church the brass candle sconces.

Those sconces which he gave to St. Peter’s still decorate the walls today.